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Our Home and Land Packages are all about giving you 'Exclusive Access' to land, so you can get your foot in the market and start the process of building the house you’ve always dreamt about.
Once your have chosen your land we will Plan, Design and Build on paper with the utmost attention to detail. Once you decide on a design that is perfect for you, our team of building experts will swing into action and begin to build your 'Dream Home'.

Home & Land

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Lot 13, 230 Seventh Avenue Austral NSW 2179
Lot 16, 230 Seventh Avenue Austral NSW 2179
Lot 17, 230 Seventh Avenue Austral NSW 2179
​Lot 114, 20 Seventh Avenue Austral NSW 2179
​Lot 9, Eleventh Avenue Austral NSW 2179

*Our Home & Land Packages are selling out fast. Would love to enquire and hear more about what we offer or would love to see our display homes in Bardia? Please Contact Us ASAP via our Form and leave your Contact Details or Phone us on 02 7226 9181. We would be happy to book you in asap before the land sells out fast.

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Check Out Our 5 Newly Built Townhouses Built By Lavish Luxury Construction and Developments Pty Ltd. Let's build your dream together!

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